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Just a sample of my extensive collection of photographs of fortifications at home and abroad

Athlone Castle, July 2011

Calais Citadel, August 2012

Carisbrooke Castle, August 2014

Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, October 2005

King Henry's Walls, Isles of Scilly, August 2013

Cromwell's Castle, Isles of Scilly, August 2013

Kilchurn Castle, August 2011

Lille Citadel, April 2011

La Hougue, Normandy, August 2012

Queens Sconce, Newark, September 2013

Hawton, Newark, March 2014

Tilbury Fort, April 2008

Walmer Castle, May 2013

Yarmouth Castle, June 2007

Menin Gate, Ypres, April 2011

Fort Royal, Worcester, July 2008

Half-moon battery, Edinburgh Castle, March 2011

Gatehouse, Scarborough Castle, September 2008

Shrewsbury Castle, May 2015

Newark Castle, May 2016

King John's Castle, Limerick, December 2015

Pembroke Castle, February 2016

Stirling Castle, September 1995

St Michael's Mount, June 2004

Ruthven Barracks, August 2016

Basing House, April 2017

Sherborne Old Castle, August 2017

Upnor Castle, September 2017

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